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History of Social Club

The UTS Staff Social Club has been apart of UTS for around 30 years – even before it became a university.

The Social Club started as the “Institute Social and Welfare Club” in the early 70’s when the total of staff as the New South Wales Institute of Technology had less than 80 staff.

It was hoped at the time that it was meant to be more than just a social club and would help people in need, as well as providing sporting and recreational facilities to members. The club eventually became known as the Recreation and Social Club. In 1976, the club had a membership of about 160 and the emphasis on what the club provided for its members revolved around the Christmas Party and other social functions where members were admitted for free or at a reduced cost. In 1978 the club had over 300 members. The Loft became the Staff Social Club area and cartons of beer etc were purchased and left in a fridge where staff could buy on the honour system of putting money in a jar.

In 1995 the Loft caught fire and was gutted. The UTS Staff Social Club in this time was left to hold functions in a variety of areas around the university until the Loft was rebuilt.
(For further information please go to the Loft information page.

The UTS Staff Social Club are still going strong with membership in 2002 over 300 staff. A variety of functions and events are held at the Loft and around Sydney for members just as it was in the beginning, to ensure that all staff have an arena and place to meet in an informal atmosphere and to develop friendship and networks within the University.

For further information on UTS Staff Social Club history read the .pdf which has a Memo about the history of the club written in 1983 which was sent to all UTS staff.

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